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With so much conflicting information about how to eat healthy, developing a nutritious meal plan for you and your family can be challenging.

Allison Schulman Nutrition in New York, NY, can act as your personal cooking coach, helping you make better choices to boost your health.

Learn how Allison Schulman can provide you with recipes using fresh ingredients so you can improve your cooking skills.

Allison's Expertise and Education

Allison has a lifetime of experience learning how to teach the recipes and cooking skills of a healthy life. She earned her bachelor's degree in Food and Restaurant Management and her master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She then completed her dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital and worked as a Clinical Dietitian at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Allison's experience means she can help you with:

Nutrition down to the micro-level

How to coach behavioral changes

Dinners that fit into your daily routine

Involving the whole family in meal prep

Allow Allison Schulman to Help Change Your Life You could see a world of difference in just one year

Named New York's top dietitian in 2015, Allison Schulman believes everyone can and should find joy through food. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition, and her experience helping individuals, families, and organizations allows her to tailor kitchen tips specific to your needs. 

During your consultation, Allison will discuss your family's unique culinary needs. Your family's health history, allergies, and food-related conditions will be evaluated. She will listen to your goals, whether they be weight-focused or simply eating a healthier and more balanced diet. 

By the end of your first consultation, she will be able to make initial recommendations that can immediately change how you cook for the better. If all this sounds enticing, but like many New Yorkers you have a hectic schedule, Allison also offers virtual consultations over Zoom or FaceTime. All you have to do to get started is call or write to her today. 


Allison Schulman

Allison has a Warm Approach

"I enjoyed my visit with Allison because she was attentive, thoughtful in her approach and pragmatic in creating a realistic eating plan to suit my needs and help me reach my goals. I look forward to working with her. She is warm and our conversation was easy. I highly recommend her." Keisha L.

What Are the Benefits of Cooking at Home? Transformation can come from the comfort of your kitchen

It's no secret that New York, NY, has some of the best restaurants in the world. The convenience of take-out can take its toll on your health, however. Cooking at home allows you to be the chef and prepare food that is hearty, healthy, and satisfying. As the household chef, you can tailor dishes to meet your individual nutritional needs. After all, what is considered healthy food for a single adult may not work for a growing family. Whether you live by yourself or you have a family to feed, by learning to cook better, you can enjoy many benefits that include:

Portion Control

Grilled chicken and veggies

If the goal of learning to cook is to lose weight, cooking at home allows you to better manage the portion size on your plate. By limiting portions, you can better avoid temptation, which in turn helps you manage your weight.

Fresh Ingredients

Healthy foods

When you're the chef, you can avoid using the processed foods that offer little nutritional value to your dishes. Instead, you can include real food cooked with minimally processed protein, whole grains, and fresh produce.

Healthy Choices

Healthy foods

With the help of Allison Schulman as your cooking coach, you can limit the amount of sodium, sugar, and fat added to each dish you prepare. You'll be amazed at the tasty dishes you can prepare using fresh ingredients in your own kitchen. 

Mindful Cooking Prevents Waste

A typical family of four wastes $1,500 a year on food they never eat. Allison's pantry makeovers can ensure you do not buy food you will not end up using. For the environmentally conscious, this is a great way to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Allison can help teach you to maximize the value of the food you do buy. For example, bruised produce that often gets thrown away can be repurposed into tasty, healthy baked goods, casseroles, sauces, and smoothies. Her cooking coach services can help you make nutritious meals that give you the added satisfaction of knowing you are not adding to environmental issues. 

Eating Out Eats Up Budgets

In 2020, Americans spent nearly 9% of their income on food. Almost half of this money was used on eating out. One study by Forbes found that ordering delivery from a restaurant costs five times more than eating at home, and even using meal kit services costs three times more than home cooking. 

Choose Skill-Building Coaching

Allison's cooking coaching services are empowering. Learning how to craft scrumptious, healthy meals can boost your confidence, and free you from worrying about what to order, eat, and avoid. She can help you save money while building better health. Call 646-661-7316 or request a consultation today to start learning how to master your kitchen. 

Allison Makes Her Clients Comfortable

"Allison was great. She was not judgmental at all. She didn't weigh me which I thought was great because it's not about where you're at but where you want to go. She also didn't tell me how much I should weigh but asked what my goal was. She provided an easy to follow plan. I would definitely recommend seeing her." Laura B.

Allison's Slate of Services

Family eating

Family Nutrition

When the entire family eats healthy, it becomes easier to make and maintain lifestyle changes. Allison can educate you about what foods each member of your family should be eating to optimize their health. She begins many families with Pantry Makeovers. These are grocery outings where she walks the family through what to buy to transform their kitchen into a paradise of healthy and tasty food. 

Kids meal

Pediatric Nutrition

Establishing healthy habits while young pays off for years to come. While all youths can benefit greatly from healthy eating, there are certain specific groups that may need help more than others. Allison is certified to educate parents about children with food allergies. Children with serious medical conditions require personalized counseling and nutrition plans. We can help high school athletes optimize their performance in a healthy way. Finally, children with weight management issues can have their problem turned around with Allison's guidance. 

Pregnant woman cooking

Perinatal Nutrition

Pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time. Having an acclaimed dietitian guide your nutrition during pregnancy can improve a mother's health and well-being, while providing the nutrition needed to support their growing baby. Good nutrition while pregnant can have long-term positive impacts on infants from the time they are born well into adulthood. 

She Can Coach Your Organization


In addition to helping individuals, Allison can coach corporations, schools, and non-profits throughout New York. Eating right can help people of all ages lead better, more productive lives. 

Overcoming Eating Disorders

Almost 29 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their life. Many who need help avoid it due to stigma. Allison draws upon her extensive education and experience to coach clients who suffer from eating disorders. She is a non-judgmental coach who has a clinical understanding of disorders and how to overcome them. 

Cooking coaching helps people reclaim a positive relationship with food. Allison takes great pride in helping her clients develop a joyful feeling around eating. Cooking your own meals, with Allison's guidance, can become a form of therapy. Her clients can find comfort in cooking food they loved before they had an eating disorder, and learn brand new recipes to expand their culinary horizons. 

Allison Helps New York Lead New Lives ​A coach whose recipes really work

"I really like our interaction, we have already met 3 times. Ms Schulman is very professional and thorough, with excellent bedside manner, as she is a great listener and really makes an effort to know and understand her patients lifestyles and health issues. It is a pleasure to meet with her every month and learn from her the importance of leading a healthy life by eating healthy and exercising regularly. What I like most is that she has a long-term vision, insists on moderation and does not impose strict regimens that will eventually backfire." Rana M.
Allison Schulman

Allison Schulman

Allison Schulman is a board-certified and registered dietitian helping clients live healthier lives in New York City. She received her master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, and she is affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Allison provides nutritional counseling for:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Families
  • Corporate Groups

To schedule an initial assessment with Allison, contact her online or call 646-661-7316

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