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Family Nutrition

Proper nutrition is a crucial component of any healthy lifestyle. The meals you prepare at home influence the health of your whole family.

A family nutritionist can help shield your family against dangerous medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia.

Learn how nutrition education from Allison Schulman Nutrition in New York, NY, can give your family the quality of life they deserve...

Nutrition Education for a Lifetime of Healthy Benefits

If the food you are serving your child and family needs an overhaul, Allison Schulman can create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs. Her approach takes into account any current medical conditions you would like to address so that Allison can provide resources based upon the daily routine, preferences, and diet of you and your family. Regardless of your goals, from managing food allergies, medical conditions such as IBS and IBD, or simply weight management, Allison will work with you and your family to develop a positive relationship with food.

Meet Allison Schulman Committed to Improving Families' Health

Allison earned both her bachelor's degree in Food and Restaurant Management and her master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. As a registered dietitian, she offers nutrition education to individuals and families in the New York, NY, metropolitan area. To give back to her community, Allison counsels children and families in various community centers through the New York City Early Intervention Program.

Allison believes in the importance of education when it comes to providing the best nutrition for your family. Healthy eating habits that begin early on provide a lifetime of healthy choices for your child. Establishing a healthy relationship with food will also help your family build the foundations for long-term health.

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Do You Want to Learn More about Family Nutrition? Contact Allison for Individualized Attention and Care

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Healthy eating means more than just looking up recipes and the latest diet fads online. It means understanding what you're eating, where it comes from, and how it affects your health and the community. Allison Schulman can help households ask these crucial questions and develop healthier eating habits in the process.

Allison considers the age of each family member, and helps you create meal plans based on individual medical needs and food allergies or sensitivities.

If you live in New York City and would like to speak with a family dietician and nutritionist, contact Allison online. You can also reach her by phone to set up an appointment.

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Why Clients Love New York Dietician Allison Schulman

"I enjoyed my visit with Allison because she was attentive, thoughtful in her approach and pragmatic in creating a realistic eating plan to suit my needs and help me reach my goals. I look forward to working with her. She is warm and our conversation was easy. I highly recommend her." Keisha L.

Better Nutrition for Better Health

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Making healthier choices during mealtime may seem like a daunting task, but Allison believes in providing food-based education in incremental steps. A nutrition plan can center around overall goals, and can be implemented gradually to keep your child and family from becoming overwhelmed by new, healthier meals. As new foods are introduced, the health benefits offered will begin to reveal themselves. Do not be surprised when you have more energy, less lethargy, and your clothes begin to fit a bit looser in the waist. 

Providing new meals offering higher levels of nutritional value will take some getting used to, especially if you are looking to make major changes to the food choices you offer your child. While the adjustment period may seem like more trouble than it is worth, in reality, by providing healthy choices you will start to see tastes begin to change.  Proper family nutrition takes time and effort, but the health gains are worth it in the end.

Setting the Stage for a Lifetime of Wellness

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Pediatric nutrition is especially important. The foods your child eats now will nurture their growing brain and body. Your child will also form the bulk of their nutritional habits before they turn 18. You can give them the gift of a healthy relationship with food by creating a sustainable, nutrient-rich eating plan now. 

Good Nutrition Starts at an Early Age

No matter the age of your child, it's never too early to create good eating habits. Parents can do a lot to make sure their kids eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, which is why pediatric nutrition is a cornerstone of family nutrition programs.

Allison can help your children eat healthy at different stages of life. She has experience creating meal plans for toddlers, K-6 children, adolescents, and teenagers. When parents encounter roadblocks with their children, Allison can offer tips on how to reinforce the importance of good nutrition and how to encourage healthy eating.

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My Child Is Losing Weight Can You Help?

We all know the amount of attention that the growing problem of childhood obesity is receiving, as it should be. But Allison also works with parents to address a concern on the opposite end of the spectrum: children who have trouble maintaining their weight, or are even losing weight.

Children's appetites and growth patterns naturally fluctuate, but as a general rule of thumb, they should not lose weight. In some cases, like acute medical conditions, there is an obvious cause. In others, consulting with a nutritionist can be the first step to finding the root cause and the best solution.

"Changing my diet has never been so easy!" New York City Client Testimonial

"Working with Allison has helped me tremendously. Thanks to her plan for me, I am no longer taking medication for acid reflux. Changing my diet has never been so easy! She helped me create a much healthier lifestyle that I can say I am proud of." Lindsay

Groceries and Pantry Staples Overwhelmed By Your Choices? We Can Help

With so many supermarkets, food co-ops, and farmers' markets in New York City, shopping for healthy groceries sometimes feels overwhelming. Allison can help you navigate your choices and make purchases that make sense for your household.

Shopping Smart

Shopping cart with groceries

Take-out and frozen foods don't have to be diet staples. Allison can teach you how to read food labels and evaluate health claims on packages. She can also go over different fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein sources that can become shopping list essentials.

Stocking Properly

Pantry with healthy ingredients

So many foods are heavily processed and lack nutritional benefits. There are plenty of nutrient-rich foods if you avoid the center aisles of the store. Allison can help you make informed choices to keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy options.

With more apps, "customized solutions," and other types of digital resources at our fingertips than ever before, it can feel frustrating if you struggle to eat well. But Allison offers something none of those options can – a human touch. Prioritize your health by committing to an initial consultation and forming the type of personal connection that can greatly enhance your health. Message Allison using our contact form or call us at:

(646) 661-7316

Recipes, Meal Prep, and Cooking

Healthy Doesn't Mean Bland

There's a common misconception that good nutrition means flavorless snacks and meal options. That's far from the truth. Healthy foods do not have to be bland. In fact, many fresh ingredients and whole foods have rich flavors. You can make healthy breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners that are rewarding experiences for your entire household.

Adventurous and Nutritious Eating

Get ready to sample new cuisines and think about food in different ways. Allison can suggest ingredients and recipes that put a rainbow on your plate and enrich the palate.

Hone Your Skills

Cooking well isn't as hard as it seems. It just takes practice and an appreciation for what you're making for your loved ones. Allison can help improve your skills as a home chef and make you feel less intimidated about trying new things in the kitchen.

A Healthy Family Starts Here

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Education is the first step towards better health. Food is fuel, and higher-quality food leads to a number of long-term health benefits. If you are interested in improving your understanding of nutrition so your family can flourish, do not hesitate to contact Allison Schulman Nutrition in New York, NY. With her hands-on approach to nutrition counseling, your family can reap the health benefits so that you can enjoy many more years together.

 Realistic Goals + Healthy Everyday Habits = A Successful Long-Term Nutrition Plan

Allison Schulman Can Help Your Family Create a Sustainable Nutrition Plan

Changes in diet and nutrition can lead to incredible results. However, if they are too extreme or difficult to maintain, their effects soon become unsustainable. In fact, they may even lead to a complete reversal, leaving you back where you started.

Allison Schulman understands that common problem. She aims to create a nutrition plan that you and your family can follow long-term, so that your results genuinely last.

From pantry makeovers to healthy bulk meals that fit your budget, she will guide you towards healthier choices. Begin the journey by contacting her New York office online or calling her at


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Your family has their own unique nutritional needs. While it can feel overwhelming trying to juggle all your responsibilities at once, board-certified and registered dietician Allison Schulman can lead you and your family to a nutrition plan that works long-term for everyone. Meet her for a virtual consultation.

"It is a pleasure to meet with her every month." Why New York Clients Recommend Allison

"I really like our interaction, we have already met 3 times. Ms Schulman is very professional and thorough, with excellent bedside manner, as she is a great listener and really makes an effort to know and understand her patients lifestyles and health issues. It is a pleasure to meet with her every month and learn from her the importance of leading a healthy life by eating healthy and exercising regularly. What I like most is that she has a long-term vision, insists on moderation and does not impose strict regimens that will eventually backfire." Rana M.

Allison can craft a plan that fits your budget, nutritional needs, and schedule.

Which Factors Determine My Nutrition Plan?

Because no two families are alike, your family needs a specialized nutrition plan. New York dietician Allison Schulman can take into account the following factors when addressing your nutrition goals:

Nutrition & Pregnancy Guiding Clients During a Critical Time

As a mother, Allison is particularly passionate about helping women take good care of themselves and their babies during pregnancy.

She wants her clients to keep in mind that it's just as important to choose nutritious foods as it is to be mindful of foods that could carry potential harms. While prenatal vitamins containing folic acid can be a good place to start, there's so much more you can do with some simple guidelines. Keeping factors like any increased risk for gestational diabetes in mind, she can work closely with you to design a meal plan, offer tips, or meet any other need you have during this important time in your life.

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What Are the Most Important Nutrients for Pregnant Women?

A varied and balanced diet is the most important goal, but at a glance, here are three key nutrients to keep in mind:

Folate & Folic Acid

Taking folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, should be an essential part of your routine during pregnancy. Ideally, you should increase your intake even before you start trying to become pregnant. Naturally occurring sources include beans, asparagus, and spinach.


Calcium is an important building block for healthy bones and teeth – both yours and your baby's. Dairy products obviously contain high levels of calcium, but did you know that salmon and spinach do too? Fortified juices are also available, in addition to fortified cereal.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D goes hand-in-hand with calcium to build and maintain strong, healthy bones. Salmon and eggs are excellent sources of this vitamin. Similar to calcium, juice can also be fortified with vitamin D. And milk can also have vitamin D added to it as well.

"Very professional, knowledgeable, thorough in outlining plan of action for my health concern. Pleasant disposition."
Alison Q.
Allison Schulman

Allison Schulman

Allison Schulman is a board-certified and registered dietitian helping clients live healthier lives in New York City. She received her master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, and she is affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Allison provides nutritional counseling for:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Families
  • Corporate Groups

To schedule an initial assessment with Allison, contact her online or call 646-661-7316

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